Sunday, March 6, 2011

What's Old is New...

John headed out of town for the weekend, so that left me & the girls to hang out.  Tinsley had been wanting to re-do her bathroom for awhile now...So, I called up Mima & we decided to head to Fayetteville in pursuit of a few things to spruce up their bathroom.  First stop, of course was Krispy Kreme for donuts & chocolate milk (& of course, a little coffee for me!).  Then, it was off to Dillards.  I had been looking all over the internet for some cute shower curtains & wasn't having any such luck.  Tinsley wanted Pinks & bright colors & I wanted something that looked girly, but still not TOO childish (since it's our only guest bath).  We found something on, so decided to go check it out.  When we got there, Tinsley LOVED it!  I did too.  Next was to decide what to put with it.  We bought a few coral & yellow towels to coordinate & a bright yellow rug.  For decor...I had these great prints of bath tubs w/ animal prints on them.   I got them so long ago (like probably when John & I first moved in together).  I really liked them & hated to get rid of them.  That's when I had the idea!  Keep them, but update the frames!
Here was our inspiration.
 And the lovely detail on the towels & rugs.
Here are the original prints I had.
A little paint.  We mixed up two colors to match the curtain we bought.
 The MAGIC!  Just apply after the first coat of base paint is dry.
 Now to apply the second coat of "contrasting" color.  We decided to keep the two colors, but alternate them on each frame.  So 2 would be coral w/ teal undertones & 2 would be teal w/ coral undertones.
Can you see the crackle effect?  It looks a little antiqued.
We still have a ways to go w/ decorating.  Still need some stuff for the counters & another wall decor item, but it's much improved already!