Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What's a Vizsla???

Well, as most of you already know, we added a new member to our family back in January.  After much research & discussion, John & I found ourselves absolutely in LOVE with this dog breed called a Vizsla.  We had several criteria for our new family member...

1)  We wanted a big dog.  Something the girls couldn't easily "break"!
2) A dog that would interact w/ the family & play fetch w/ the girls.
3) A dog we could take w/ us on our adventures.
4)  Loyalty
5) A dog that would still want to curl up on the couch & snuggle w/ you.
ok, ok, you get the point.

We ran across this dog & it seemed like the perfect fit.  I know many will say, "You should have adopted!"  Trust, me, we definitely considered this.  I always had "Heinz 57" dogs growing up & they (as usual) were great dogs.  But there was just something about this one.  Unfortunately, they are not too common in our area.  After some searching, I finally stumbled upon a gentleman in Booneville, AR that had one.  After talking to him a bit, we decided to meet him & see if it was the right fit for us.  The sweet man (Steve), drove 1/2 way to meet us.  We pulled up & got out of the car.  It was freezing outside.  We met this adorable older man (a real "good ol' boy) with the most sincere, ice blue eyes EVER.  He told us all about the dog, her family, & her history.  Then, he let her out.  We were out where she would be able to run around a bit so we could really see how she interacted.  I knelt down on the ground & put my hand out for her to sniff.  She didn't sniff me...In fact, she just came right over to me & laid her head in my lap before taking off to play with one of her litter mates.  I was in LOVE.  We decided we were taking her home.  He asked us to stay in touch & send pictures from time to time.  She laid on my lap to whole way home.  So calm, so sweet.

So, we've had Stella about 5 months now.  She is amazing.  She is extremely active.  In fact, if she doesn't get her time to run, she will make a race track of our living room & kitchen!  She is so smart.  She's picked up basic commands very easily.  We are having someone come train her soon, but that's mainly because we don't really know what we're doing :)  She plays fetch w/ the girls!  She adores the girls & let's them hang & love all over her.  She loves to snuggle...in fact, she doesn't just lay beside me in the evenings...she lays ON me!  She would prefer to sleep w/ us, but she sleeps in a massive kennel in our room.  She does however, get to spend some snuggle time in bed w/ us before we all go down for the count (she usually falls asleep in bed though & John or I have to pick her up & carry her to her kennel because she won't budge!).  I now understand why many call this dog a "Velcro" dog because they just will not leave your side.  I've also just learned how very protective she is.  During an evening alone (John was out night fishing), I fell asleep while watching a movie in bed & Stella was right beside me.  I guess John came home & neither of us heard him until he came in the bedroom.  It was sort of dark (only a lamp on).  I thought Stella was going to tear John a new "you know what"!  Until she realized it was him, she was practically standing over me barking/growling at him.  It was sort of comical!  Ok, so much for making this any longer.  Here's a few pics I snapped of her tonight & I'll be sure to send them to Steve!  We couldn't be happier!

Stella Grace Thompson
Born August 20, 2010
Sire Riley Gold
Dam Gabriella Jazzy Jambor

Splish Splash!

After what seems like a crazy-cold winter & a water logged spring, dare I say that summer is here?...  This weekend was so hot & it's only June.  Not that I'm complaining though...I LOVE the heat!  Time to pack up those sweaters & boots & bring on the spring dresses & bathing suits.  After a long, hot day having a garage sale Saturday, we decided to try to relax a little Sunday, so we drug out the blow up pool & set up the canopy...can't have those babies burnin'!  It's amazing how such a simple thing can bring so much joy.  The girls loved it.  Stella even joined them (after Tinsley drug her in, of course)!  Here's a few pics of the girls chillin' & havin' lots o laughs.

Tinsley & Stella (her new best friend).
 Don't you just love that face?
 Such a pretty girl, if I do say so myself.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

We have a Graduate!...

Ok, so it's only Kindergarden, but that's a big deal, right?  I can't even begin to tell you how amazed I am at how fast time goes by.  Seems like only weeks ago that Tinsley was running around in diapers & now, she's getting ready for her first "Summer Break"!  She is getting so big!  Another thing...I can't believe how much they have to know & how much they learn their first year.  It is crazy.  I don't think we knew 1/2 the things that she does at this age.  We are gonna be in some serious trouble when she starts asking for help cause she's gonna be smarter than we are.  Tinsley LOVES her teacher, Ms. Ericson.  We loved her too.  She was so great w/ Tinsley.  They got to do so many cool things throughout the year.  The school put on a little program where all the kids sang & then they got their diplomas.  It was SOOOO cute!

 Tinsley's little buddy Keegan.  I love his "Swagger" in this photo & the kid a couple down from him!

Tinsley & her teacher Ms. Ericson!
Tinsley's cousin Hayden, who was also in her class.