Monday, September 26, 2011

Bon Appetito!

So, it seems like every time I get back from a trip & enjoy some amazing food, it re-inspires me to cook again.  I love to cook already, but it just seems so hard when you work, have kids, chores, ect, know the drill.  Anyway, I was in NYC last week & I absolutely love that place.  Don't get me wrong, I would NEVER move there, but I LOVE to visit.  Mostly it's for work & we don't get too much time to do our own thing, but we do get to eat at some really amazing restaurants.  You know there are so few to pick from...wink, wink!
Last week we went to a great restaurant around Park & 29th called Asselina.  I usually don't venture out on salads too much, but I decided to try the field greens w/ gorgonzola, apples, radishes, pine nuts, & a great honey vinaigrette.  It was delish!  I followed that up by a Spinach & Goat Cheese Ravioli w/ a Sage Lemon Butter.  Needless to say, I almost licked my plate clean.  Later in the week at another restaurant, I had a goat cheese & mushroom ravioli.  I decided to had to try to re-create this at home.  And so we be begin...

First off, if I was going to have goat cheese ravioli, I was going to have to make my own pasta.  Nothing I haven't tried before, but never ravioli.  I got out my trust Better Homes & Gardens recipe book for the homeade pasta & decided to add a little Italian Herb Blend to it for extra flavor.

My pasta rolled out & "resting"...
 While my pasta was resting, I decided to make my filling.  Obviously, I didn't have the recipe for the one I ate in NY, but I searched for some on-line.  I found numerous versions, so I decided to just come up w/ my on version & PRAY it turned out good.
-Approx. 6oz Ricotta Cheese
-4oz Crumbled Goat Cheese
-1T fresh chopped sage
-Zest of 1 Lemon
-Salt & Pepper to Taste
-1/2 C chopped Porcini Mushrooms

Looks Yummy!
 Filling my Raviolis
 Finished Raviolis & some hand cut pasta noodles for the girls.
 After boiling the Ravioli for a few minutes, I added them to my brown butter sauce w/ Sage, Lemon Juice, & Porcini Mushrooms.
 Complete w/ an Arugula & Spinach Salad w/ Green Apple, Goat Cheese, Pecans, & a light vinaigrette dressing.  A little Parmesan to finish it off.
Well, it looked good, but how about taste...It was DELISH!!!  The girls ate the noodles w/ traditional marinara meat sauce, but Tinsley tried one of the Ravioli & loved it as well.  Job well done, if I do say so myself!  Too bad it takes so much work to make...