Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Double Trouble

Although not planned, my Sister & I were very blessed to have both of our children very close in age.  Tinsley & Trinity are 2 weeks apart.  Avery & Payton are 3 months apart.  They LOVE LOVE LOVE playing with each other anytime they can.  Don't get me wrong...they still fight like brothers & sisters from time to time, but that's far & few between.
This past weekend, we had a reunion to go to at my Grandma & Grandpa Curtis's house.  Every year, for decoration, family comes from miles away.  We all gather at my Grandparent's house, enjoy company, & eat good food.  I was surprised to learn that this was the 51 year!  Can you believe that?  Anyway, we lucked out w/ beautiful weather...muggy....but beautiful non the less considering all the rain we had been having & were expected to still have.  The kids spent most of the time outside burning energy.  Luckily, I remembered my camera this time & snapped a few of them all hanging out.

Avery & Payton playing kick ball & frisbee!

Look at those BIG smiles!  This is what's it's ALL ABOUT!

 Tinsley & Trinity got tired of playing ball & knew I had my camera ready.  These girls are gonna be TROUBLE when they get older.  They LOVE posing!  They were cracking me up.  They were totally workin' the camera & making the most HILARIOUS faces.  I think Trinity even started growling like a tiger at one point...Hahaha!  I can't wait to show these to them when they get older.  Can we say PAYBACK!

 Poor Payton is outnumbered.  He was done by this point, but the girls just kept hammin' it up!  I live for moments like this!