Sunday, November 13, 2011

Just in Time...

When Jenny asked me to take some maternity pics for her, I couldn't say no.  I was so flattered.  I'd only done maternity pics for my sister before.  I love maternity pics & think it's so worth capturing the moment!  It's especially exciting to see how the siblings respond to Mommy's tummy (check out Aiden's adorable toothless smiles!).
We originally planned to do some outdoor pics first & then some indoor shots the following week.  We headed out to Lake Windsor in Bella Vista to start.  Talk about crazy windy!  Luckily, my Mom had tagged along for the shoot because she ended up being "hair touch up" between takes.  Unfortunately, we didn't really get any breaks in the wind, but I think we still managed to get some great shots.
I know how it feels to be "very" pregnant & have someone taking pictures of you, but I think Jenny looked great!
You could tell Richie & Aiden were super excited too & just can't wait to welcome this new little guy into the world.  Aiden was so sweet kissing Mommy's belly!
So...did I mention that we were going to do some indoor shots as well?  Ok, so that didn't happen.  Jenny had been having some issues w/ her blood pressure & ended up going in for a C-Section before we could do them.  A little unexpected, but so excited to see this little guy!

Richie, Jenny, & Big Brother Aiden!

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