Sunday, May 9, 2010

Petit Bistro

John & I love food & are always looking for somewhere new to eat (preferably, not a chain). We had seen a new little restaurant pop in what many would recall as the old Ozark Smokehouse, a cute little rock house off 71B in Bentonville-The Petit Bistro! I had never been to the Smokehouse, but thought it was a cute little building for such a place. Our 8th Wedding Anniversary was Tuesday, May 4th, but John's parents had the girls Thursday, May 6th, so we decided we'd try it out. The weather had been beautiful that day. As we entered the restaurant, we noticed they had a patio out back w/ tables so we didn't even hesitate to ask to be seated outside. John ordered a beer & I had a glass of wine. It was so nice to be able to sit outside, have a drink & a conversation without having to yell over the noise of a crowded resteraunt. We looked over the menu & as the name was PETIT. A nice list of appetizers, a few salads, only 5 entrees, & a few desserts. Since we didn't see a whole lot on the entrees that peaked our interest, we decided on a few appetizers that we could split & then dessert. They were great! We even took a little walk out back while waiting on our dessert to check out the old barn. However, beware of the price. It's a bit steep, especially if you do consider the entrees. I was impressed by the food & the atmosphere thus far, but have heard disappointment about the service from a few. Perhaps we got lucky. I'd definately go back again, but probably for just a nice quite evening w/ a glass of wine & an appetizer. If you plan on drinks, apps, dinner, & dessert...bring your wallet!
Flowers from John!
Complimentary Breadsticks & Sweet Pepper Dipping Sauce
Salmon Pizza w/ Capers & Dill
Mini Kobe Sliders w/ Caramelized Onions
Sea Scallops w/ Rice
Crab Cakes

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