Sunday, May 9, 2010

Tinsley Tries T-Ball...

Springtime what does that mean...Baseball Season! Well, T-Ball in this case. We got word that sign ups were taking place & asked Tinsley if she wanted to try it out. She said yes. As you can image, John was pretty excited. Tinsley is already in gymnastics, so when she said she wanted to give this a try, he was all in. He even got recruited to help coach!
John & I eagerly headed off to the store to buy her first glove, pants, & even a hot pink & white t-ball bat! Her practices were every Monday night, with games every Saturday. Keep in mind, we have gymnastics on Tuesday night already, so our week just got really crazy. What are we going to do once Avery is old enough? Anyway, we headed out to the first practice. She was a little shy, especially considering there was only one other little girl (Bella), but she did pretty good. John & I took turns helping her out while the other watched Avery (it's always a family affair). She learned to catch, throw the ball, & hit. I must say, it was HIlarious watching all these little kids. Talk about chaotic! It's hard enough to hold a 4 year old's attention for long, much less tell them to stand in the outfield & wait for the ball to come their way. Most of them played in the dirt & started picking grass!
Practice ended & coach pulled everyone together in a huddle. He handed out hats & jerseys & taught the kids their team name & cheer...THE ORIOLES! Imagine my surprise when coach also tells us their first game is that Saturday!!! Um, what did you say. They've only practiced once & most of these kids have never even practiced before today. This should be interesting...

Avery got a little bored watching practice & decided to check out the stroller basket...

What a good stance!
So, Saturday comes along & our first game is at 9:00am. Of all days, it had to be cold & sprinkle here & there. It had been nice all week. The kids were freezing & Tinsley's teeth were chattering. Not sure if she got intimidated by all the people watching/cheering or the combination of mostly boys & miserable weather, but she did not want to play! Poor girl. We tried & she did get out there (with Daddy not far away from her). She had a pretty good hit once we finally got her get up there. I had to promise her a cupcake. In the end, I think she had fun, but decided she didn't want to play anymore. She said she wants to play with girls. So, we're gonna wait for a girls t-ball next season. Soccer starts this fall...Maybe we'll give that a go!
Go, Sissy, Go!!!

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