Sunday, February 6, 2011

Santa Dropped By!!!

It's such an amazing sight to see your child's face just light up.  They did just that when some "special" guest dropped by Mima & Papa's Christmas party...  Mom & Dad invited a few close friends over & of course us & Melissa's family were there as well.  Shortly around 6:00, there was a knock on the door...Who could it be?  Everyone that had been invited was already there.  In walks Santa & Mrs. Claus.  You should have seen the looks of their faces. Tinsley & Trinity didn't spare anytime jumping up in to his lap to tell him what they've been up to & what they wanted.  It was a different story w/ Avery & Payton.  They weren't exactly crying, but they were very CAUTIOUS!  It was so much fun.  Even John got in on the action.

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